Wale has revealed details regarding the production for Album About Nothing.

“Special shoutout to DJ Premier and @PeteRock  for producin these records on “album about nothing” y’all see the vision,” Wale says in a Twitter post made today (May 4).

In another post, the rapper revealed additional information about how he’s been crafting the project.

“I been writin it slowly . Every line gotta be detailed,” Wale says. 

In June 2013, Wale spoke about working with Jerry Seinfeld on Album About Nothing

“I was nervous as shit when I first met him,” said Wale. “I was real nervous. Cause that was just like, he white and he rich. He’s just from another whole world and I just kinda felt inferior a little bit. In retrospect, at that point I didn’t know why I was feeling that way.”

Seinfeld’s comedy, Seinfeld, was known as “the show about nothing” and the series was the inspiration for Wale’s 2008 mixtape, Mixtape About Nothing

Footage of Wale and Seinfeld in the studio is below.

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