Virginia rapper Pusha T recently spoke on a variety of topics as a guest on Larry King’s new web series. The Clipse emcee shared his dream collaborations, spoke on working with G.O.O.D. Music helmsman Kanye West, detailed his relationship with Pharrell Williams, and more.

According to Pusha T, who’s worked with a variety of artists including Tyler, The Creator and 2 Chainz, the two artists he would most like to collaborate with are New York City lyricists Jay Z and Nas.

“I would say Nas and Jay Z are my final collaborations that I would want to do,” he said while speaking to Larry King.

Pusha also gave credit to friend and longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams, calling the Virginia beatsmith “the best producer in music” before doting on his expertise in music.

“Pharrell is actually one of my best friends…He’s definitely one of the trendsetters, innovators,” Pusha T said. “I think the best producer in music…I think he’s just well-versed in all facets of music, musicality, instrumentation. Actually a great writer. Knows melody really well. He puts it all together. He puts it all together for you and all I have to do is just insert the verse. So, it makes it easier for me.”

He offered similar praise to Kanye West after recalling signing to Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music after working with the rapper on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“He’s definitely a friend of mine. Definitely a great guy,” the Clipse rapper said. “I feel like Kanye is just very outspoken. He’s very passionate and sometimes people may mistake that passion for arrogance or being a bit brash. But, I mean, I think he deals with it very well.”

Lastly, Pusha T provided an update on the Clipse. He says the group has never and will never break up and is hoping that one day a new Clipse album will be released.

“Well, Clipse never breaks up. We’re brothers,” Pusha T said. “My brother took a turn in his spirituality. I don’t like to say he’s found religion cause he’s always been religious, but he’s just very convicted, very dedicated…He basically taught me how to rap. So, I wasn’t happy at first. But it’s a respect thing. And anytime that I see my brother passionate about anything I basically have to ride with it.”

Video of Pusha T, who is currently working on his next solo album, on Larry King’s web show can be found below (via Complex). 

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