Joe Budden and Consequence had been feuding for several reasons. The two rappers and reality show participants exchanged barbs and punches over their disagreements. Recently, Consequence explained the status of that feud. 

“What a difference a year makes,” Consequence says in an interview with Hip-Hop Wired. “The feud is simply over. We mutually squashed it all at Starlet’s [Gentlemen’s Club]. It was an impromptu encounter and it did start with a stare down, but we concluded it with a man-to-man talk. Nothing but G shit.” 

Consequence also says a collaboration may come “with time,” according to the publication.

In February 2013, Joe Budden and Consequence were involved in a confrontation that was captured by New York radio station Hot 97. It seemed their feud began over bad blood during the shooting of the reality show Love & Hip Hop, which both emcees participated in at the time.


Their war of words became physical and the two were involved in a pair of scuffles during their Love & Hip Hop reunion special taping. Footage of part of their off-screen scuffle was later released.

Another part of their feud was taped for VH1. In this part, Tahiry punched Consequence after Cons punched Budden. In March 2013, the model explained why she punched Cons at the time

“We were basically taking two minutes to walk out because we had two minutes [during Love & Hip Hop’s reunion show taping],” she said at the time. “They were switching the set. We walked right past him. Then out of nowhere, I feel somebody over my head just hit Joey in the head. Joey was then rushed to the other side of the room by like eight security. Consequence was then running back, but they forgot about Tahiry, so I caught a good one.”

Cons also explained the scuffle once footage was released. “The number one thing is I don’t run from nobody,” he said. “Why would I smack somebody and then run, but stay there to get jumped? I never ran from nothing. Let’s keep that clear. That’s the part [where he said]…that I hit him, Tahiry snuffed me, and then I ran. Nobody ran. I’m not gonna run from Tahiry. Unfortunately, when I smacked him, from what I was told by one of the stylists or production people, when I extended it hit Tahiry. So she reacted and she hit me. And that’s a girl hitting me. And I like Tahiry. Shout out to Tahiry. It felt good.”

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