Mutah Beale, the former member of the Outlawz who used to rap under the moniker Napoleon, has opened the Mathaq Al-Kaif Coffee Shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, according to The National.

Now residing in Riyadh, Beale says he has been involved in several businesses, from real estate to a barbershop, but had not ventured into the food and beverage industry until opening his coffee shop.

“It was because of my love for coffee that I started to study the coffee industry from a grass roots level to business and I came to find out the coffee business is very lucrative,” he says. “I decided to open a coffee shop here in Riyadh, where I live, as I noticed coffee shops are not only every where in Saudi but also successful in most cases.”

Beale says that he thought of several ways to differentiate his business from its competition.

“We have American desserts that can’t be found in Saudi, such as the bean pie, which has been selling off the chain,” he says. “We also have an English book club and English tutoring programs taught by American English teachers. We also will have basic Arabic classes for non-speaking Arabs called Arabic and Ghawah (Arabic and coffee). We hold sports events and we will soon launch a smart phone app for our shop which will allow people to order in advance if they’re in a rush and they will receive free coffee and discounts via this app.”

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