Top Dawg Entertainment’s newest signee, Isaiah Rashad, recently sat down with the LesBake Radio Show to speak on his contributions to music and a handful of tracks featured on his newly-released EP, Cilvia Demo.

When asked how he hopes to influence Hip Hop, Isaiah commented on bringing back line-for-line music and making every part of a song meaningful. The Chattanooga, Tennessee emcee also touched on the maturity of his music while speaking on his possible impact on the genre of Hip Hop.

“I just came to bring back, you know what I’m saying, just line-for-line music,” Isaiah said. “Where everything kinda mean something…People don’t think I’m as young as I am, so I think that’s kinda different. [On some more] acting way mature. Age music. Familiar, but new at the same time. I kinda bring that element to it.”

Isaiah was also asked to break down “Modest,” a song featured on Cilvia Demo, during his interview. While breaking down the song, he circled back to his desire to bring back line-for-line music, informing listeners that a line or verse may have more meaning than the song as a whole.

“My stuff be kinda like—like the lines together be meaning more than when you just break it down like that,” he said. “It’s more of a statement in the verse versus that. Cause like this line kinda explains that verse…I can’t give you the secrets to that shit, fool. Like it’s a lot of that stuff. That’s my strategy to my rap. I can’t—I be trying to give people the game without giving them the game. It’s like for me to decipher it that kinda—I don’t know. I did that one time with ‘Tranquility’ and I didn’t even wanna break that one down.”

Prior to speaking on Cilvia Demo and line-for-line music, Isaiah was asked to share what he brings to the table as an artist at TDE.

“I guess I was real laid-back, I guess. Compared to other dudes…I think it’s just me, man. I think it’s an actual different person. It’s not like an imitation of anybody else,” Isaiah said. “It’s a different element. It just blends. I think time will tell more of what I brought to the table.”

In September of last year, it was announced that Isaiah Rashad had signed to TDE. As a TDE signee, the Southern wordsmith joins the likes of SZA, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, and a handful of other artists.

Cilvia Demo, his first project as an artist signed to TDE, was released on January 28.

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