Murs has announced Mursday, an upcoming album from the Los Angeles, California emcee. 

Mursday is set to be Murs’ Strange Music debut album following his signing to Strange Music in February. 

“Strange seems to be at the forefront of Hip Hop’s growth right now,” Murs said at the time of his signing. “I am so awaiting the end of my album to hear Krizz [Kaliko’s] ass say, ‘Strange Music.'”  

On Tuesday (March 4), Murs announced a gaming app, Hip Hop Trivia: Starring Murs. “Lots of my fans are gamers and they inspired me to create something fun and original,” Murs said in a statement to press. “I think they are going to love it. The game is a great way for my fans and music lovers in general to test their knowledge and learn more about Hip Hop.” 

Murs’ Mursday announcement came via Strange Music’s YouTube account in a video that follows. 

(March 7, 2014)

UPDATE: Mursday, the album announced March 7, is set to be a collaborative album featuring Murs and Mayday! This was announced yesterday with the full Mursday clip, which is below. 

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