On the day after the release of ScHoolboy Q’s album, Oxymoron, the Los Angeles rapper has revealed that his newly-released LP serves as the latest addition to what he says will consist of at least five albums that all fall under a particular theme.

While speaking with NPR Microphone Check, Q informed listeners that Setbacks, Habits & Contradictions and Oxymoron are three albums he knew the names and themes for before they were even released. The TDE emcee says he has also chosen the titles to two more albums.

In addition to speaking on his past and upcoming projects, Q explained the reason behind the black and gray color scheme for his cover art to Setbacks, Habits & Contradictions, and Oxymoron.

“Honestly, this album—if you look at all my albums, even the titles, Setbacks, Habits & Contradictions, Oxymoron, they play off each other’s meaning,” ScHoolboy Q said. “You get what I’m saying? If you look at the covers. They all black and gray. Like all my albums is all—if I picture a color in my head of my albums, I would picture black and gray. For example, Kendrick last album. I would call that purple. Purple and like yellow almost. You know what I’m saying? But all my albums I feel like they always dark. It has that eerie little feel to it. But with this album—’cause Habits & Contradictions is like the prequel to Setbacks. Like I had all these titles already in my head. Like before I even dropped them. Setbacks I knew that was gonna be the first. I knew Habits & Contradictions. I knew Oxymoron. I got two more albums that I already have the title to and I know how I’mma play the theme.”

ScHoolboy Q later shared some insight into his stage name. According to the rapper, the name ScHoolboy comes from a pimp in his neighborhood and his academic standing in high school.

“My name comes from a pimp named Schoolboy,” he said. “Like from my block. He’s a pimp. Well, used to be a pimp. He from my hood, too. He from Hoover. But that’s part of my name. But what my real name really came from was from me having a 3.3 in high school, GPA. But I was all into all this shit. You get what I’m saying? I was still an athlete, but my mom worked nights. And when she would go to work at night, I would leave. Cause this is about [the] time we moved across the street. So, my grandma wasn’t really monitoring me like that.”

On both his album and in numerous interviews, ScHoolboy Q has touched on his addiction to prescription pills. While speaking with NPR, Q revealed that out of his family, TDE crew, and significant others, Ab-Soul was the only person who knew about his addiction.

“I was addicted for like two years and I would never tell nobody,” Q said. “Like none of my homies. I wouldn’t tell my girl. I wouldn’t [tell] my mother. Like nobody. TDE didn’t know. The only nigga that knew was Ab-Soul. He was the only nigga [that knew]. Kendrick didn’t know. I was his hype man. I was faded. It was crazy.”

During an interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97 last week, Q spoke on the moment he first began using prescription pills and the addiction that soon followed.

“I was addicted to like Percocet and like xanies…One of your homies give you a pill,” he said. “You say you can’t go to sleep. You go to sleep off of it. You think it’s amazing. You do it again and then the next thing you know it don’t put you to sleep no more. It’s like being super high. Like super off the trees. You know? So, you just keep doing it and then the next thing you know your body starts needing it.”

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