Inglewood, California rapper Skeme has been a mainstay when it comes to the newer stable of West Coast talent, so the constant demand for his services is no surprise.

Recently sitting down with TheNEHip-Hop, Skeme talked about when he was offered to be a part of Top Dawg Entertainment and why he declined the opportunity.

“Them is my bros,” Skeme said when asked about joining TDE. “Those is the homies and that’s always going to be the same but the angle I came at it was I’ve been working for a long time at trying to be somebody on my own two and that was the end all be all of that, just wanted to be able to stand out and do my own thing. [It was] never was a knock to the homies, it was just them is my guys over there. I’ve listened to what [Top Dawg] had to say, who is a big homie to me for sure and I was like I need to sit down and take a little more time with myself as far as who I want to be in the game. Myself, my brother and a couple of them other guys around me was like, ‘We could just do this shit dolo and let’s do it.’ And that’s where we was at with it.”

Skeme also talked about the time he had an opportunity to be on a song featuring Lil Wayne, specifically Game’s 2013 joint “F.I.V.E.,” featuring Wayne and Chris Brown.

“Crazy ass record,” Skeme said when asked about his song with E-40 and collaborating with Game on the same day. “He had called me into the studio. I did a record called ‘Turn Up Or Burn Up’ with Problem and E-40, and the same day that 40 had called me to do that record, Game was calling me to the studio like, ‘Yo, I need you to come in and get this joint done before the tape drop,’ which was at midnight that night so it was perfect, great timing bro, thank you. But it was crazy shit, I’m getting into the joint and he had another joint on there called, ‘You Ain’t Know’ and that joint was banging and I was like, ‘Ay, nigga let me get on this one.’ [And he was like] ‘Alright, you can get on whichever you want.’ And he just started playing me different shit and I fucked with the tempo on that ‘Astronaut Pussy’ joint, me and [SchoolBoy Q] on that one, and he like, ‘Aight, get it done, it ain’t nothing.’ And he had asked me about another record called, ‘F.I.V.E.’ and I ain’t know the record was with Lil Wayne and Chris [Brown].

“If I had known that, I think I would have took a stab at it ’cause I’ve been a Wayne fan for a minute and so for him to be who he is, that shit is dope as fuck so I’m really looking forward to, ‘I want a Wayne joint’ and to get that down in my catalog but the ‘Astronaut Pussy’ joint and the ‘California Love’ joint was crazy, both of them were mad weird and that was dope how that shit came out.” 

Skeme dropped his latest album Ingleworld last December and is currently on the road with Dom Kennedy for his “Get Home Safely Tour.”

Watch the full interview below:

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