In addition to serving as one of the members of Cleveland, Ohio rap quintet Bone thugs-n-harmony, rapper Bizzy Bone has also enjoyed a lengthy career as a solo act. The Bone thugs emcee has released well over a dozen solo projects in addition to the albums he helped craft as a member of Bone thugs-n-harmony.

During an interview with B-Real of The Smoke Box, Bizzy spoke on transforming into a solo artist. While speaking on his decision to pursue a solo career, he revealed that at one point Brooklyn lyricist Jay Z offered to appear on one of his solo projects.

“I’m gon’ tell you the craziest part about my solo record is I was gonna work with these guys called the Christian Brothers,” Bizzy Bone said. “And Jay Z called me because he owned the company that facilitated their music and things of that nature. And he offered to be on the record and things of that nature. And it’s a lot of mistakes that you wish you could’ve said ‘Damn, that would have been a classic.’ You know? But as a solo artist, to answer your question, you need your home base. But people come at you in a way to where they make you think you can take and deal with that situation immediately.”

With well over two decades in music, Bizzy Bone and the other members of Bone thugs-n-harmony have become what he referred to as “the survivors” of Hip Hop. Bizzy expressed some fear at being idolized by newer artists due to the fact that he’s still intent on finishing paving the road for and up-and-comers.

“We’re like the survivors. We’ve seen the paper,” he said. “And we’re watching the new, young guys not have to go through that same thing and already have that lane. It was so scary because we become the guys that they say ‘thank you’ to. And that’s the scariest part because it’s like ‘I’m not done yet. You know? I’m just getting started. Let me finish paving the road’…It’s an endless thing. Willie Nelson showed us the way. We have so much ammunition in music. And guys that’ll show us past our golden age, 50-years-old, 60-years-old, we can still do what we do because the people are gonna love us forever. And we’re gonna love the people forever. And that will never ever change.”

Although lacking appearances from some group members, including Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone, Bone thugs-n-harmony recently dropped their Art Of War: WWIII album. Released on December 10, 2013, the album is one Krayzie Bone says he was never “down with.” The Bone thugs emcee offered his thoughts on the LP during an interview with The NE Hip Hop at the top of this month.

“Honestly, to keep it real, to keep it 100, I’m still not down with that album,” Krayzie Bone said. “Because it’s a long story that I’m not gonna get into right now. But it’s all good, though. I’m always [gonna] support my dudes. You know what I’m saying? But we always have our differences. And I just didn’t agree with this album happening, but it did. So, I’mma support my dudes on it.”

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