While speaking on “The Watcher 2,” noted New York rapper Rakim revealed that he’s interested in working with Jay Z and Dr. Dre again on a follow-up to the record. Released in 2002, “The Watcher 2” was produced by Dr. Dre and Scott Storch and featured verses from, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, and Rakim.

During an interview with Who? Mag TV, Rakim spoke directly to Dr. Dre and Jay Z in regards to releasing a ‘new ‘Watcher’’ either this year or next.

“That was a Dre project, man. A joint that I did for Dre,” Rakim said. “Jay Z heard it and the rest is history, man. It was definitely a good, little get together with me and Dre. You know what I mean? And hopefully we’ll do it again, man. 2014. Ya heard Jay? Ya heard Dre? Let’s do it, man. 2015, the new ‘Watcher.’ Keep watching.”

Rakim also offered praise to both DJ Premier and the late Guru of Gang Starr. He applauded the duo for having as much respect for Hip Hop as he did.

“That’s my dude, man. Rest in peace Guru,” he said. “We used [to have] studio sessions. I remember hanging out…Me, him, and Premier. Kept it 100. And it was just—It’s always good when you get in the studio with people that respect Hip Hop the way you do. And Guru and Premier, those two cats definitely love what they do.”

Despite releasing a handful of albums following the release of Eric B. & Rakim’s debut album, Paid In Full, Rakim named the project as his personal favorite. He spoke on how memorable the album was and the way in which it came together as he commented on why it’s his favorite Eric B. & Rakim project.

“I’mma say the first joint,” the rapper said. “Just because of the chemistry, man. And the way that it came together. We didn’t have no experience in the studio…That first one was something that I remember and I always will, man. The way it popped off.”

In addition to speaking on a new collab with Jay Z and Dr. Dre, his admiration for Gang Starr, and his favorite Eric B. & Rakim album, Rakim also recalled meeting James Brown and hashing it out with the legendary singer, during his interview with Who? Mag TV.

In August of last year, Rakim revealed his plans to release a fourth solo album. While speaking with XXLMag.com, he revealed that he’s “having fun” with the project.

“I’m working on an album right now. It feels good,” he said. “I feel like I had a lot of responsibilities with [The Seventh Seal] with everything that was going on and being the album was so late. The album I’m working on now. I can have fun in the studio and do good Hip Hop songs, so I’m kind of having fun with this one. I’m only a few songs deep.”

There’s no word yet on if and when the solo album from Rakim will be released.

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