Common, who is an emcee and an actor, was recently approached to comment on rappers who also act. 

“See, I don’t look at myself like a rapper-actor,” Common said when asked about rappers who act by a cameraman. “I’m an artist, for sure, a Hip Hop artists. I’m an emcee. And I’m also an actor. When I’m acting, I’m acting.” 

Later in the interview, Common said he is not just a rapper and not just an actor. 

“I’m an actor, man, and I’m a Hip Hop artists and an activist,” Common said. 

During the conversation, Common was also asked to address Snoop Dogg’s recent quote where the Long Beach, California emcee proclaimed himself “the best actor-rapper in the world.”

“I’ll tell you, I really think Mos Def is one of the greats,” Common said. “And I’ve gotta honor Will Smith.” 

In October, Common spoke with HipHopDX about rappers who act.

“It’s funny,” Common said. “Chris Rock said to me one time, ‘Why y’all rappers, when y’all start acting, your raps get weaker?’ I was like, ‘I hope you ain’t referring to me.’ I actually feel like I’m still growing, and I’m still getting better. When I put my all into it, which I do, then it is evolving and elevating. I think I do it just by putting my heart and soul into the music that I do. I also—when it’s time for me to do a film—I give my energy and time to that film. I make sure I do that, whether it’s the television show, ‘Hell On Wheels’ or whatever I may be doing as an actor. I just make sure I give it the proper attention and not just be like, ‘I’m gonna hop over here.’ It’s like they’re your children, and you gotta take care of them.” 

More from the TMZ Common interview can be viewed below, followed by Snoop Dogg’s interview. 

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