King of the Dot’s Aspect One, who has co-hosted several KOTD events throughout the year, recently spoke with HipHopDX about the best Battle Rap match-ups of the year. His pick for the best of 2013 lies in Rum Nitty versus Danny Myers

“They are two up-and-comers who have been in the battle circuit for a good minute,” Aspect One says. “This was a match I specifically booked because I felt they both needed to ‘prove something’ to themselves and to Battle Rap to show they weren’t afterthoughts in the game and they surpassed the bar previously set for them. The battle in itself was rapid fire and bars on top of bars. Closely contested and either man could walk away with the notion that they each won the battle! Amazing match up.” 

Aspect One Praises Illmaculate Versus Bigg K As A Battle Of The Year

Aspect also spoke highly of another KOTD Fresh Coast match-up, one between Illmaculate and Bigg K.

“This match had super questions around it,” Aspect One says. “Could Illlmac bring a decent-great performance after [King of the Dot’s] ‘Vendetta’ [event where he battled Arsonal]? Could Bigg K get through his material? It was in question from its inception. Lush and Avocado felt that this match would be fire and man, it wound up being arguably the best battle of the year. Incredible style-clash and angles used by both. Each round had the feeling of them wanting to outperform each other and it created such a surreal atmosphere in the venue. It was unmatched that evening.” 

On December 26, Okwerdz noted that he felt Illmaculate and Bigg K had the best battle of the year. On December 27, Lush One echoed Okwerdz’ sentiments

Aspect One Says Pass & RemyD Had A Battle Of The Year Match-Up

Beyond Rum-Myers and Illmac-K, Aspect One also said Pass versus RemyD was a potential battle of the year. 

“Pass is one of the most underrated and most feared opponents in the game,” Aspect One said. “He has been in Battle Rap close to 10 years and is only 25. He’s had a few classics on his resume and is worthy of the praise. He is a monster when he is in his zone. Remy is a brilliant writer and he has such a nonchalant approach when battling his opponents. It seems they are intimidated by his cool head in the ring. In this battle, it was such a dynamic contrast…Remy was a clear underdog with it being in Pass’ hometown, but he definitely held his own.” 

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