DMX has made headlines more for his wild lifestyle than his music recently. However, in a recent interview on Vlad TV, DJ Kay Slay confirmed that X’s wild days began before his rise to Rap super-stardom.

“First time I met DMX, right before his album came out, X hit me,” said Slay. “I’d been trying to get him to do the freestyle for a minute. So finally, he was coming through…”

Slay explained that X came to the studio with guests. “When he showed up, he had his man with him, and two broads,” he said. “I open the door, we goin’ up the stairs, and he like, ‘Uh, Slay, you gotta excuse me. Picked these two dirty bitches up on Broadway.’ I looked, they was like, ‘Oh, shit, fuck you tryin’ to play us for? Fuck you, motherfucker!’ I’m like, damn, shit’s crazy.”

According to Slay, one of DMX’s friends started to cause trouble. “So we get upstairs and shit. His man says, ‘Can I use the bathroom?’ I go, ‘Go ahead.’ His man go in the bathroom… come out looking crazy. I’m like alright, whatever, I ain’t pay it no mind. The nigga go back in the bathroom again… this nigga in my fuckin’ bathroom beamin! Hittin’ the pope, smokin’ crack. So X barked on this nigga. ‘I’m sayin’, you crazy? You in my man’s house! You can’t do that.'”

Kay Slay continued, describing X’s then-unusual recording process. “When he was getting ready to rhyme, he hit the light. So I hit the light back on. ‘Why are you turning the light off, man?’ ‘I’m Dark Man! I need the lights off, know what I’m saying?'”

“I let him cut the light out,” said Slay. “Nigga start growling like a dog, barking, all that shit. [Spit] one of the meanest verses I ever heard. Then the nigga takes his shirt off. I’m saying to myself, ‘How do I get this nigga out my fuckin’ house?’ …So I was like, ‘Yo man, we ain’t gotta do another freestyle.’ Put his shit on. After that, I gave a nigga a pound and we parted ways. But yeah, that had to be one of the crazy experiences that I’ve been through. …Shouts out to my man, DMX.”

Watch the interview below:

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