Party Supplies, the not-so-public production team behind one of the year’s most popular mixtapes in Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 2, spent 2013 building a fan base outside of Hip Hop as much as within it. With its debut full-length, Tough Love, released earlier this year on Fool’s Gold Records, Justin Nealis and Sean Mahon broke a sample-heavy Hip Hop mold in favor of an album that Rolling Stone included on its list of 20 Best Dance Albums Of The Year

Speaking exclusively to HipHopDX today (December 24), frontman Justin Nealis shared some of his favorite producers of 2013, beginning with a nod to fellow electronic and Pop producers based in New York City. “I like this kid Penguin Prison,” Nealis said in reference of electropop whiz Chris Glover. “He’s out of his mind. Look him up.” Penguin Prison gained further prominence in 2013 with a slew of digitally released remixes and original compositions.

Nealis continued by listing another producer largely outside of the realm of Hip Hop production. “I like Blood Orange, too,” he said. “He’s one of the best producers in New York right now, hands down.” Blood Orange, who is known by a variety of stage names but commonly referenced by his given name, Dev Hynes, famously worked with English indie rock band Florence and the Machine and is reportedly working with Solange Knowles on an upcoming project. “I really like Blood Orange,” he said, “I really want to meet him and shit. I gotta holler at him, he seems kind of out there, which I respect.”

“In terms of Rap producers, I like Just Blaze,” Nealis said. In 2013, alongside “Harlem Shake” producer Baauer, Just Blaze co-produced Jay Z’s single “Higher.” The New Jersey native also pulled credits on albums from Wale, Slaughterhouse and more.

Continuing with his own list of notable producers from 2013, the Party Supplies leader commented on an upcoming collaboration with another of his favorites. “And I just did a beat for A-Trak,” he said in reference of the Canadian deejay, producer, and founder of his own home-label Fool’s Gold Records. “I know he’s doing something with Cam’ron, and I did a beat for it. Cam already rhymed on the record, so, that’s crazy.”

Nealis capped off his list with a selection from the Midwest and two more New York City-based producers. “I like that kid BrandUn DeShay,” he said of former Odd Future member and current Mac Miller collaborator. “I don’t really know too many rap producers in New York. I like Buckwild and fucking J-Love. I like J-Love man, he’s such a character you know what I mean.”

J-Love, who has worked with Mobb Deep and other artists, released a reissue of his 2008 collaborative album, Acknowledge Greatness, with Action Bronson affiliate Meyhem Lauren earlier this year.

Nealis brought his list full circle with another mention of his favorite Hip Hop producers and commentary on the rise of so-called Trap Rap. “I like Just Blaze and A-Trak,” he said. “They know how to make some beats. I’ve been telling people, everybody’s who’s into all the trap rap and everything, it’s cool and all, but at the end of the day…I’m kind of curious to see whether it’s a fad or whether it’s not. It may be a fad. It may not be, we still don’t know. Nu metal was a fad, remember? Remember Nu metal? That came and went, so, anything else may come and go, but timeless music is what I’m trying to do.”

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