ScHoolboy Q, who is prepping for the 2014 release of Oxymoron, recently discussed his appreciation and respect for Nas.

“I was like a die-hard Nas fan,” Q says in an interview with The Process. “It Was Written is my favorite Nas album. It Was Written was the best. It was the best one.”

Q was asked to elaborate on this statement, because many critics have dubbed Illmatic Nas’ crowning achievement. For instance, Illmatic has been named #11 in Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Debut Albums Of All Time” list and it was one of the publication’s “Top 500 Albums Of All Time.” 

“[It Was Written is] still one of my favorite albums ever,” Q says. “Illmatic is third for me. Illmatic does sound like a mixtape to me, a hard mixtape.” 

ScHoolboy Q Says Jay Z Is “The Best Rapper Ever”

Beyond praising Nas, Q also discussed his admiration for Jay Z.

“Once I really heard Jay, I was like, ‘Wow, this nigga is the best rapper ever,” Q says. “Dead or alive. I don’t care what nobody say.” 

ScHoolboy says Jay Z may be the best rapper, but adds that Nas has had stronger albums, in his opinion. 

In November, ScHoolboy Q said Jay Z beat Nas in their battle.

“Honestly, I think Jay Z won,” Q said in an interview with Vlad TV. “Everybody say Nas won, but honestly I think Jay won. I mean Nas is my favorite rapper, but Jay Z he was pretty scandalous. He didn’t let it go. When Nas kinda was letting it go, Jay Z didn’t let it go. He was still throwing a little [jab] out there. And like adding people to his roster. Nas was going simply at Jay. Like one time he mentioned someone else…Jay felt some type of way after ‘Ether.’ You know what I’m saying?”

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