In the wake of the devastating, Philippines typhoon, Compton rapper Game was one of a number of celebrities to make a monetary donation to those affected by the natural disaster. On behalf of his The Robin Hood Project, the rapper and partner Dan Bilzerian donated $10,000 to relief efforts. And during a recent appearance on “Arsenio,” Game revealed the inspiration behind The Robin Hood Project.

According to the wordsmith, he was in Australia when he met a man in need of help and since he was out of the country he was only able to give the man $20. Game went on to explain that his inability to give the man he met more than $20 stuck with him and ultimately inspired the creation of The Robin Hood Project.

“The Robin Hood Project, I met a kid in Australia from Nigeria his name was John,” said Game. “And I mean if I had met him anywhere in the United States I would have enough money on me to help him the way that I thought he needed help. But I only had $20 in Australia on me. He told me about his family’s plight and how much it took for him and his family to get to Australia. And he said it was 20 people living in a one-bedroom apartment and it was just down the way. So, I gave him the 20 and for the next week I couldn’t sleep…I just wanted to help, you know? I wanted to do more. So, I came up with the idea of The Robin Hood Project. And ever since I met John I’ve donated $170,000 of my own money just to people.”

Game later spoke on his family during his conversation with Arsenio, specifically his relationship with his three-year-old daughter, Cali Taylor.

“For any man that has a daughter—she’s everything to me,” he said. “She means more to me than life itself. When I look into her eyes that’s all I need to do to get me going. I mean, I’m just motivated. When I look at that little girl I love her. It’s almost like she’s a friend or somebody else’s child cause I love her that much. I’m so intrigued by this little girl…This is my family. This is my balance and once I walk out that door life kicks in.”

The R.E.D. Album rapper also shared some insight into his numerous tattoos and revealed that he received a text message from the mother of the late Trayvon Martin after receiving a tattoo in the teen’s honor.

“When I got my first tattoo, my grandmother Lillie Frazier—she at home,” said Game. “She told me, she was like ‘Well, go on and get you your tattoos if you want. I won’t tell your mother because it’s just a costume. You borrow it for 70, 80 years, you give it back to God. Yours is just gonna have writing on it.’ So, my grandma supports me…I actually got a text message from his [Trayvon Martin] mom, which was cool. She appreciated the gesture. And I get tattoos all the time and that was just that whole story. I got a kid and I just thought that was so unfortunate, so I did it.”

In addition to the $10,000 donated to those affected by the Philippines typhoon, Game has donated money to several other organizations and causes.

Earlier this year, he donated $10,000 to help with funeral costs for a six-year-old Los Angeles girl who was killed in September. And just days after making that donation, Game teamed up with fellow artist Drake to cover the funeral costs for a family of six who lost their lives in a house fire.

Game’s “Arsenio” interview can be found below (via Los Angeles Leakers).

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