Kid Cudi has announced the title to his new EP, Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon

Although there is no official release date for Satellite Flight, Cudi said the project is “coming soon” via Twitter.

During a Dallas, Texas show in October, Cudi announced a new project, which he said would be released within three months from the concert date.

“When I give you the release date, it will be 24 hours before it’s released,” Kid Cudi said to the show’s crowd. “You won’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s definitely going to happen in the next three months.”

During that show, Kid Cudi said that he was working on this EP with Dot Da Genius and King Chip. 

“That’s all I give a fuck about,” Cudi said. “As long as I’ve got King Chip, I’m good. So it’s me and King Chip.”

That day, Cudi also said that the EP will be a continuation of his Man on the Moon series of projects.  

“This will be a prelude to Man On The Moon 3,” Cudi said. “It’s all attached to the story. When Man On The Moon 3 comes out, you will be able to play this EP and segue into Man On The Moon 3. It’ll be a seamless connection.”  

During that event, Cudi also confirmed that Man on the Moon 3is scheduled to be released in 2015.

“Since Man On The Moon 3 is not coming out until 2015, I mean, I couldn’t not give you more music,” Cudi said. 

Kid Cudi has released 2009’s Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, 2010’s Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager and 2013’s Indicud.  

The EP announcement can be viewed below.

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