Following this month’s interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” rapper Kanye West has gone on to clarify comments he made on the late night talk show in regards to being a creative genius. And during an interview today (October 28) on KROQ 106.7, ‘Ye again labeled himself a creative genius and even informed listeners that he no longer holds the title of rapper.

The rapper made that particular announcement following an apology he issued to all men due to his elaborate proposal to girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

“I have to apologize to all mankind, particularly males, guys,” Kanye said. “For turning up so loud on my engagement. I’m sorry guys. You know, it’s just like—cause you go on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ and say ‘I’m a creative genius’ and people just look at you like, ‘What do you mean? How can you say—?’ Like, no. That’s my title. Creative genius, that’s my title. My title is not rapper anymore. It’s not that. And because people don’t understand what I’m saying, I’m about to show y’all.”

Following Kanye’s comments on being a creative genius, he spoke on proving the rights to that title through radio interviews, tour designs and tour merchandise, among other topics.

The G.O.O.D. Music emcee continued to touch on creativity and not being limited to merely one genre of music during his interview.

“My creativity is in no way limited to the genre of Hip Hop,” ‘Ye said. “I feel like I’m like busting at the seams to do something more—Even when I did ‘Glow In The Dark’ it was pretty innovative. And like now we’re doing this and it’s innovative again…The pressure is just to create as much as possible. If you’re a creative person, it’s just to create as much as possible. Whatever you think of to get it off your chest. To get it out. And I feel blessed that I do have an outlet of this tour. Something that I can anchor a bunch of ideas against…The pressure is not like coming up with new stuff. The pressure is not getting things that you have in your mind out.”

Kanye later spoke on “creating like a three-year-old,” waking up happy every day and what he feels is “God’s plan.”

“Sometimes I don’t have meaning behind what I think of,” the rapper said. “I just start to create more like I get younger and younger and younger with my approach. I used to create like a five-year-old then I created like a four-year-old. Now I think I’m creating like a three-year-old…I’m just really happy every day. I don’t really remember days of the week so much. I just sort of schedule by the date and I just wake up and I just do—I feel like I’m doing five percent, one percent of the work and God is doing the rest. And I just have to be me 100 percent…Everything happens for a reason in God’s plan. It’s all in his will.”

Kanye’s appearance on KROQ 106.7 and numerous other radio stations this month comes several days after the rapper kicked off his Yeezus tour in Seattle on October 19. The tour, which also features Compton wordsmith Kendrick Lamar, is scheduled to make stops in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Chicago, among other cities.

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