A number of different factors could have possibly played a role in the fall of the Suge Knight-founded Death Row Records, but for Compton rapper DJ Quik, the label’s downfall can be attributed to one man in particular. Speaking exclusively with AllHipHop.com at Gentleman Jack’s Art Beats & Lyrics tour stop in Atlanta, DJ Quik blamed the fall of the label on Travon Lane, a Death Row affiliate and alleged gang member.

According to DJ Quik, on top of ultimately bringing down the label, Lane was responsible for a fight which took place between Tupac Shakur, his entourage and Orlando Anderson the night the rapper was gunned down in Las Vegas.

“It wasn’t Suge that brought down Death Row either. It was Travon Lane, bitch ass,” said DJ Quik. “Scary ass nigga got that chain took and then got Tupac in there fighting. And then that’s how Tupac got shot. Because Travon Lane—he was like the little bully. He was like an instigator. It’s always the one that don’t mean nothing that bring the whole house of cards down. Travon Lane, you ought to be real proud of yourself. You’s a bitch ass nigga. Nigga, you fucked it up for everybody.”

Anderson was reportedly a person of interest in the murder of Tupac. He was killed in a shootout, which took place well over a year after Tupac was gunned down in Vegas.

DJ Quik previously spoke on his relationship with the late Tupac during a 2009 interview with the Los Angeles Times. The rapper recalled the influence Tupac’s tenacious nature had on his work ethic.

“Before I met Pac, I saw his tenacity, which was insanely fierce toward the end of his life,” said Quik. “I always saw my songs one at a time, until I recorded with him and I started making 14 a day just [messing] with him. I’d been doing my thing for a long time at that point and I was like, ‘Who is this fire starter to get me to change the way I did my business?’ He really made me figure out the best usage of my available time, and got me on a wholly new personal clock directed toward constantly making music.”

DJ Quik served as an in-house producer at Death Row Records during the ‘90s and has also produced records for Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, and more.

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