Early Tuesday (October 1) morning, DJ Quik took to Twitter to air out frustrations about OutKast member Andre 3000.

The legendary West Coast producer hinted that he was less than pleased with Three Stacks, letting fans know that he would let fans know exactly what the problem was soon enough:

Quik followed through, claiming that Andre 3000 reportedly told Andre’s brother that he “got the monster,” most likely referring to AIDS.

Quik’s “Andre Badu” nickname for Andre refers to the OutKast rapper’s past relationship with Erykah Badu. The highly-publicized relationship between the rapper and singer has often been a point of criticism for many Hip Hop fans who claim Andre’s divergence into a more eclectic style of music and fashion occurred as a result of Badu’s influence.

Andre 3000 has yet to speak on the situation, and Quik has yet to elaborate.

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