Chance The Rapper has toured with Eminem, but he has yet to meet him.

“I’ve never met Eminem,” Chance The Rapper said during an interview with MTV’s Rap Fix. “You don’t meet Eminem. He has like his own secret service.”

Chance, who is slated to appear as an opener on Eminem’s “Rapture Tour” in February 2014, also said that he appreciates Em’s contributions to music.   

“Eminem is one of my biggest influences in music,” Chance said. “Going to Europe with him was a great experience. Some of my friends were out there, Tyler[, the Creator], Earl [Sweatshirt], Kendrick [Lamar]. So it was a real good experience because that was my first time in Europe.”

Chance also complimented another Rap act that he’s toured with, praising Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  

“They’re recreating the blueprint for being an artist right now,” Chance said. “They went from playing 400 and 500 capacity rooms straight into a full-fledged arena tour in Europe. That’s the same type of moves I’m trying to make.” 

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