Mac Lethal has been known for his rapid-fire rhymes, but now the Kansas City, Missouri native has repurposed his rapid-fire flow to deliver fans the news.

As part of Pharrell Williams’ i am OTHER channel, Mac Lethal has taken the role of news anchor, covering recent events with intricate multisyllabic rhyme schemes.

The first topic Mac covered was the government shutdown, which left hundreds of thousands of federal government workers without work for several days. “The Republicans and Democrats are arguin’ / About how many dollars there are to spend / And neither side is up for bargaining, it’s disheartening / I’m not surprised, it’s the hearts of men,” rhymed Mac.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Papoose spoke on the shutdown as well, where the New York emcee placed the blame squarely on the Republican party.

“It’s just a small group of Republicans that’s hating on Obamacare,” said Pap. “There’s a lot of people who are upset, but they don’t take the time to analyze the basics of the problem. It’s all about money. It’s some ridiculous amount of people with no insurance—45 to 50 million people with no insurance. I just feel like Obamacare is providing affordable insurance for poor people. They don’t like that because these insurance companies are all about making money. They’re not thinking about the health of people and longevity and preserving life.”

The next topic Mac Lethal addressed was an incident during a biker rally in New York, New York.

“There was a biker rally out in New York City last week / Where a dude in an SUV accidentally hit a biker with his vehicle / He likely didn’t mean to, they still didn’t let him free, let me explain a bit / Maybe there was a chance this dude wasn’t sober, because this wasn’t no ordinary dude in a rover / Because when the bikers had his vehicle surrounded he just slammed on the gas and ran a few of them over,” rhymed Mac.

One of the people to be injured in the incident was aspiring rapper Jay Meezee, whose legs were crushed after being run over by the SUV. As of most recent reports, Meezee is currently in a medically-induced coma, and may be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

The final topic Mac rapped about was Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel’s feud over Kimmel’s spoof of Kanye’s interview with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1.

“He was saying he’s a fashion genius / And if it wasn’t for him the world would be jean-less,” rapped Mac about Kanye.

However, the two men resolved their differences when West appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” which Mac also addressed. “He went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, when he told Jimmy he needs to watch his teeth / After that shook hands, hugged it out, they were back friends, all that, they squashed the beef.”

Watch the performance below via Complex.

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