Action Bronson said on Twitter today (October 1) that Blue Chips 2 will be released “The First Day it rains in NOVEMBER,” and that it will be a free release.

The project will be the second installment of the rapper’s Blue Chips series with producer Party Supplies. Action Bronson and Party Supplies released Blue Chips in 2012.

“For the people who liked Blue Chips, [the sequel] is gonna be a similar vibe,” Party Supplies said during an interview with “We recorded it in the same spot in Williamsburg. We never stopped the same process. Nothing’s changed.

“I’ve just been recording endless amounts of material with him,” Party Supplies continued. “I can tell you, [what we’ve already recorded] is absolutely absurd. I think it’s crazy. We took it to another level. Blue Chips was sick, and Blue Chips 2is gonna be even better. He’s having even more fun on this one than the last one.”

Action Bronson’s tweets from today regarding Blue Chips 2 are below.

Action Bronson and Party Supplies’ song “November Rain” was intended to be included on Blue Chips 2 and is representative of the feel of the rest of the project, but Party Supplies says in the article he doesn’t know if it will be included on Blue Chips 2.

“We’ve been recording for a year and a half now, almost two years [for Blue Chips 2], which is crazy because he tweeted we were ten songs in last June, and we’ve kept working [since then],” Party Supplies says. “He’s been touring a lot, but the weeks that he’s been in New York, he’s been coming through, and we’ve just been putting the songs in a folder and [keeping] the ideas going.

“We have some joints,” Party Supplies continued. “Most with samples, but some without. If some of them end up on [his debut label] album, and others end up on Blue Chips 2, it’s his decision. But [I can say] the intro to Blue Chips 2 is really awesome. And a lot of the samples are things you wouldn’t expect people to be rhyming on, like crazy stuff we grew up on back in the day.”

(October 1)

UPDATE: Action Bronson released the tracklisting for Blue Chips 2 via Twitter today (October 10).

(October 10)

UPDATE #2: Action Bronson said on Twitter today (October 15) that Blue Chips 2 will be released in early November. 

His tweet is below.

(October 15)

UPDATE #3: Action Bronson has announced that Blue Chips 2 will be released November 1. 

(October 22)

UPDATE #4: Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 2’s cover art has been confirmed. It can be found below.


(October 31)

UPDATE: Action Bronson and Party Supplies teamed up for Blue Chips 2. The mixtape is available to stream below via, following the tracklisting. 

1. “Action Silverado”
2. “Intro” f. Big Body Bes
3. “Pepe Lopez”
4. “The Don s Cheek
5. “It Concerns Me”
6. “Practice” 
7. “Jackson Travolta” f. Meyhem Lauren
8. “Through The Eyes Of A G” f. Ab-Soul
9. “Contemporary Man”
10. “Twin Peugots” f. Big Body Bes Mac Miller
11. “Man The Mirror”
12. “Midget Cough”
13. “It s Me”
14. “Flip Ya” f. Retchy P
15. “9.24.13” f. Big Body Bes
16. “Rolling Thunder” f. Action Bronson
17. “Amadu Diablo”
18. “The City” f. Jeff Woods
19. “I Adore You”

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