Strange Music mainstay Krizz Kaliko has become well-known for both his bars and his melodies, and according to the Kansas City-based artist, he plans on focusing more on singing when it comes to his upcoming projects.

While speaking with Montreality recently, Kaliko commented on receiving more of a reaction and connection from fans when he chooses to sing his tunes. And although he hasn’t quite begun working on a new project, the rapper says he’ll likely drop one within the next six months.

“I haven’t even gotten into it yet, but I will,” Krizz Kaliko says. “And I’mma start working on my next album, too. My side project, I’m really debating doing some covers or something, man. Like I really wanna sing a lot more. I don’t know, the people seem to connect more with those songs when I’m like talking. When I’m speaking real heartfelt. When I’m speaking about serious subjects, man. And so, I think I’mma do a lot more of that, man. And I don’t know what the title will be, but there will be another side project released in six months.”

Later in the interview, the Son Of Sam architect was asked to share the names of the artists he would most like to work with, and among those artists were Southern notables Cee Lo Green and OutKast. While Kaliko did in fact contribute to “That’s My Kid,” a record featuring both Tech N9ne and Cee Lo, he didn’t directly work with the Goodie Mob emcee.

“I would say Cee Lo Green,” Krizz Kaliko says. “Tech had Cee Lo on his project…But I didn’t actually work with Cee Lo. Man, I would love to work with Cee Lo and I would love to work with OutKast. I think that we—our minds go to different places. Man, I think we’d kill it.”

Krizz Kaliko’s interview with Montreality comes roughly one month after the release of Son Of Sam, the rapper’s fifth studio album. The project includes appearances from Strange Music helmsman Tech N9ne and Kaliko’s wife, Crystal Watson, among others.

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