An unexpected feud erupted via Twitter yesterday (September 24) as Rihanna and 22-year-old, G.O.O.D. Music artist Teyana Taylor exchanged insults on the popular social networking site. The feud between the two women appeared to have started due to an Instagram video Rihanna posted this week. In the video, the singer’s hair stylist appears to mock Taylor, who posted a video of herself singing Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In The Rapture” earlier in the month on Instagram.

Following the two artist’s resulting feud, Taylor phoned in to HOT 97 to speak on her surprising fallout with the Barbadian songstress. Since this is not the first time Rihanna has engaged in a Twitter war with a fellow artist, Taylor went on to refer to the singer as a “cyber bully” whose actions are condoned by fans.

“I think that her fans are loud and they condone her behavior and she does this to everybody. And it’s not always fun and games all the time,” Taylor explained. “You understand what I’m saying? You do it, you get away with it, you tried me. You clapped and I clapped back. That’s what that was. You didn’t think that it would go as far as it did, but you can’t do that to everybody…Yes, I do think she’s a cyber bully. I really do. I think she’s a cyber bully. And I think she has dope music—You know I’m not no hater. Dope music is dope music. She’s a pretty girl, but that don’t mean that you can just bully anybody. It don’t work like that.”

During the duo’s brief Twitter spat, Rihanna changed her header image to a picture, which compared her net worth with that of Taylor’s. In the image, Rihanna’s net worth was placed at $90 million while Taylor’s was a fraction of that amount at only $9 million. According to Taylor, who questioned how Rihanna was able to find time to edit and post pictures to her profile, the net worth was inaccurate.

“We all know that especially with the net worth those are inaccurate,” the singer revealed. “She went all the way online, a girl that’s worth $90 million, went all the way online to find the lowest net worth, which is false…Let’s get deeper because remember she’s worth $90 million. So, everybody thinks she’s worth $90 million. She ain’t got time, but you had time to go on Google. You had time to fix up pictures. You had time to make me your main picture, but yet you Tweet ‘I’m not gonna at her. I’m not gonna make her famous’…My shit is gonna pop regardless. So, this wasn’t no publicity stunt.”

Despite this week’s feud, Taylor referred to Rihanna as an artist she knows very well personally. The G.O.O.D. Music singer even referred to Rihanna as “fly and sexy” during a 2012 interview with Complex.

Audio from Teyana Taylor’s interview with HOT 97 can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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