DJ Mister Cee, a/k/a Mr Cee, has resigned from his post as a deejay and an on-air personality at New York radio station Hot 97. He had been with the station for 20 years. The station said in a press release that today (September 11) will be DJ Mister Cee’s final show on Hot 97.

Hot 97 released the following statement regarding DJ Mister Cee’s departure.

“Due to some personal circumstances that have become public, after 20 years of service, Mr Cee has chosen to resign,” according to a statement from Hot 97. “We feel that this is in the best interest of both Hot 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on. We are saddened by his departure; his contributions here at Hot 97 were great and we know him as a friend, a caring individual and significant Hip Hop advocate. We wish Mr Cee the best and will always consider him a family member of Hot 97.” 

Angie Martinez, another Hot 97 radio personality, sent the following tweet today.

On May 3, DJ Mister Cee was arrested in New York City after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer posing as a prostitute. 

After that arrest, DJ Mister Cee appeared on HOT 97’s morning show May 6 to discuss the incident he says he believes was “a sting operation.” While speaking with program director Ebro Darden, the radio personality discussed his sexual orientation.

“I am not gay,” Mister Cee said at the time, according to MTV News. “They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation.”

Despite proclaiming that he is not a gay man, Mister Cee also said that if he was in fact lying about his sexuality, then it’s his choice to do so.

“Let’s say if I’m lying, that’s my choice,” Mister Cee said at the time. “If I’m lying and I chose not to come out, that’s my choice.”

Mister Cee found himself in a similar situation in 2011 when he pled guilty to public lewdness and exposure charges after being arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual act with a man in a parked car.

In the 1980s, DJ Mister Cee rose to prominence as Big Daddy Kane’s deejay. In the 1990s, he was one of the people credited with discovering The Notorious B.I.G. and served an associate executive producer on the Brooklyn, New York rapper’s debut album, 1994’s Ready To Die.

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