Virginia lyricist Pusha T may not have found crossover appeal just yet, but according to the rapper if he does find himself in the pop realm, he knows exactly whose blueprint to follow. While filming his “Blocka” music video in Jamaica earlier this year, Pusha spoke with Complex Magazine’s Noah Callahan-Bever and revealed that if he were to ever crossover he’d follow in Brooklyn rapper Jay Z’s footsteps.

“If I ever crossover, I’m gonna get it the Jay Z way,” Pusha T said. “I’ve seen people relate to Jay and I’ve seen people relate to Big. And I’ve seen people relate to Tupac in a pop way. And it’s like I may be dated, but at the end of the day that’s what I always strive for, to recreate that. Because I’m not gonna make any music that has me stepping out of my zone.”

Unlike those who venture off to bigger, more musically-influenced cities once they reach stardom, Pusha T still calls Virginia home and there’s a specific reason why he hasn’t immersed himself in the culture of other cities. During his interview, the Wrath Of Caine rapper commented on the possibility of living in another city affecting his music since he would be engulfed in that particular locale’s music and culture.

“It’s best if I live in Virginia and digest everything that comes from New York, Atlanta, and L.A., and all the other hubs,” he said. “But I don’t wanna live amongst that because I personally think it would affect my music…I just think once you become like—when you’re in a certain area you just become engulfed in the culture of that area. When I just go home for two, three days, the town talk, the town gossip, the town everything is what builds my music.”

Lastly, Pusha T addressed those who may have questioned his decision to put G.O.O.D. Music helmsman Kanye West on mixtape tracks as opposed to bigger records.

As an artist signed to G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha has worked with Kanye on both mixtape cuts and album tracks. Most recently, Kanye is said to have lent his production talents on Pusha T’s solo debut, My Name Is My Name.

“People wonder ‘Well damn, why didn’t you put ‘Ye on a record that’s just a bigger record versus more of a mixtape landscape?’” Pusha said. “But the Kanye that I like…I’m into the ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ Kanye. Not the “Gold Digger’ Kanye per se. So, it’s like everything that I do is based on my personal preference. And the one time that I tried to like listen to the label and listen to Pharrell, I wasn’t happy.”

Pusha T is currently preparing for the release of his debut solo album, My Name Is My Name. The album is currently set for release on October 8 via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Recordings.

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