TLC’s T-Boz recently spoke about the group’s collaboration with J. Cole, “Crooked Smile.” 

“He called for us,” T-Boz said of the track in an interview with MTV. “It just made sense it has the kind of message that we stand for. He’s an amazing artist. I actually have a newfound respect for him. I didn’t know he was so deep lyrically, [and as a] producer. So he’s a really great artist and he deserves to be #1 like he is.”

T-Boz also confirmed that they are planning a video shoot for “Crooked Smile.” The video is scheduled to be filmed Thursday (August 29), according to MTV. 

Their collaboration with J. Cole isn’t the only new work for TLC. The group has had several peformances in music festivals recently and they will the focus of an upcoming film, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. While many have called their recent run a “reunion,” T-Boz says that the group never cut ties.

“We never broke up, but we came back out ’cause we’ve always been together,” T-Boz said.

They have had to come together without Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the third member of the group who passed away in 2002. T-Boz addressed how they will pay respect to Left Eye in future performances. 

“We’ll have different guest appearance paying homage to Lisa,” T-Boz said.  

More from the T-Boz interview can be seen below.

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J. Cole has discussed their “Crooked Smile” collaboration as well, explaining what it was like to share the music with members of TLC. 

“Once I finally got the hook, the first thing I thought about was TLC,” J. Cole said during a June interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106. “It was like, ‘Ah. It would be crazy if we could get them.’ It seemed far-fetched. But they just had these monster records like ‘Unpretty’ and ‘Waterfalls’ that had like great messages and their voices are incredible. I was a big TLC fan. So, I thought it was far-fetched, but next thing I know, I’m in LA in the studio with T-Boz and then I fly to Atlanta. I’m in the studio with Chilli. I’m playing Chilli the album. She’s dancing to these songs. She’s really doing moves to my songs. It’s crazy. So, it was an incredible experience.”

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