Big Sean recently addressed Kanye West’s opinions of his latest album, Hall of Fame.

“Kanye’s definitely heard the album,” Sean said in an interview with Rap-Up. “I played it for him. He’s heard it sporadically, while making it. The final product, he was jamming to it. He was proud of it.”

Big Sean also addressed disagreements that he’s had with Kanye. 

“There’s always some things that we may disagree on,” Sean said. “But as an artist, you just gotta roll with what you wanna roll with. He definitely respects that and supports me and I support him.”

Despite any disagreements, West’s input helped Hall of Fame come together. An example of this can be heard on “Mona Lisa.”  

“Kanye’s favorite song was definitely ‘Mona Lisa,’” Sean said. “It was an older track from the album. I did it kind of towards the beginning of the album. I did ‘Ashley,’ ‘Mona Lisa’ and some songs like that almost a year ago. So, I was kind of tired of it. But, he was the one who reminded me how good that song was. He really loves the beat and the words, too, the combination of it.” 

The Michigan rapper also explained why West is not featured on his new project. 

“We did have a song, but I’m probably gonna save it for my next one,” Big Sean said of a Kanye West collaboration. “It didn’t really…It wasn’t really necessary for this one. We had songs that filled the void that that one was going to fill. I’m holding on to it. I feel like it don’t really matter if he’s on the album or not. Me and Kanye have so many songs together. People know what it is. It’s love.” 

The interview can be seen below.

Big Sean and Kanye West have collaborated on several songs in the past, including “Mercy” and “Clique.” Big Sean’s Hall of Fame is set to be released August 27. The album features the likes of Nas, Nicki Minaj, Juicy J and Kid Cudi. Big Sean recently said that he feels Hall of Fame is a classic

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