TMZ recently reported on an alleged assault on a female fan on the Oklahoma City stop of a tour headlined by rappers Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and T.I. The news comes just days after the confirmed arrest of 2 Chainz for illegal drugs found on his tour bus.

This recent story, which was obtained by TMZ via an OCPD rep, alleges that a female fan on the Oklahoma City stop of the tour was invited onto a bus by an entourage member. According to TMZ’s report, the fan “showed up with her girlfriend” and the entourage member “stuck his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast.” After rejecting the physical advance the man apparently “turned around and punched her in the jaw, sending her flying out of the bus.” The victim claims that the blow resulted with a broken jaw that has required surgery and “her back on the pavement [and] blood pouring out of her mouth.”

According to TMZ’s reporting of the police report, the man responsible for the attack “ran off” while the injured woman “was taken to the hospital.” The same OCPD rep claims an investigation is ongoing while an arrest has yet to be made.

A representative for T.I. has claimed that the incident did not take place on the Atlanta rapper’s bus and that he was completely unaware of the altercation.

The attack and subsequent injury is only the latest troubling news to come from the tour as it reportedly took place the same night that police searched 2 Chainz’ tour bus and seized illegal drugs. That incident took place after the rapper and his entourage on the bus refused to let police officers enter to search, police responded by towing the bus and its occupants to an alternate location while they obtained a warrant to enter and search the vehicle. The warranted search resulted in the arrest of all 10 passengers including 2 Chainz himself. The process of towing and obtaining a search warrant for the bus took as long as eight hours as confirmed by Seargeant Jennifer Wardlow.

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