Big Sean recent spoke about the inspiration behind the Nas and Kid Cudi-assisted “First Chain,” a song on his latest album, Hall of Fame.

“For me, when I got my first chain, Kanye gave me my first Jesus piece,” Big Sean said in an interview with MTV. “It also takes me back because I talk about being in high school [and] how my mom…I used to hate when your parents had to come pick you up and you had a busted-ass car. You had to hop in there and your friends was right in front of you. So it takes me back to those times and how I manifested being able to buy my mom a new car, the car she wanted.”

Aside from being able to buy his mother a new vehicle, Big Sean said he is happy to be on a platform to speak about Detroit’s hardships. 

“I’m not on the highest platform, but I’m still on a platform to be heard,” Sean said. “In the second verse I say, ‘The police only work 12 hour shifts / ‘Cause in Detroit that’s cheaper than a bailout, bitch.’ When they cut the police hours down at the police station, there was already high crime. But during the daytime, things you’re supposed to be getting locked up for would be going on and it was a real tough time. And it is real tough times in the city.

“[I had to] explain the fact that Detroit is $15.8 billion in debt,” Sean continued. “I’ve never seen vacant neighborhoods … like vacant blocks. I’ve seen houses, vacant blocks where drug addicts living in and little girls getting raped on their way to school. All these different things I had to make sure I at last touched on without being too preachy.”

The interview can be seen below. 

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Big Sean’s Hall of Fame is slated to be released August 27. The album is set to feature guest spots from Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Miguel.

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