In May, Foxy Brown refuted reports that she dissed Jay Z, as well as reports that Foxy claimed Hov engaged in gay sex, and that she lost her virginity to him when she was 15 and he was 27.

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, Foxy spoke about the effect that the false reports had on her.

“When I got a call about this anonymous blogger that wrote… keep in mind, you and everyone else, this wasn’t in TIME magazine …XXL, it was an article. An anonymous blogger that could  be named Joe Schmoe the Midget, hiding behind [a computer screen],” said Fox, who was holding back tears.

Foxy came onto the scene featured, at the age of 16, on Jay Z’s single “Ain’t No Nigga,” which appeared on Hov’s seminal release, Reasonable Doubt.

“[A]nyone that knows me knows how much I love Jay. Period. Jay and I come from nothing together. Together. My cousin, Clark Kent… is the reason we’re all on. My blood cousin,” said the Ill Na Na of her relationship with Jay. “Have you ever heard Foxy dissing Jay-Z or Jay-Z dissing Foxy? Ever? So we’re gonna wait fifteen years later, and come out the blue, and start…?”

Regardless of whether the rumors were believable, Jay Z decided to address them on “Picasso Baby,” a track from his latest release, Magna Carta Holy Grail: “I never stuck my cock in the fox’s box / But Damned if I ain’t open Pandora’s box / They try to slander your man on CNN and Fox / My Mirandas don’t stand a chance with cops.”

Foxy was surprised to hear Jay Z address the rumors, but had a theory as to why the rarely reactive emcee responded. “Was I shocked when Jay said the line in ‘Picasso Baby?’ Yes, because we’ve talked about that. We have a history that supersedes music. We know how this business work. We sit back and we laugh at those rumors. We laugh at that. I think he began to feel the pressure because people began to say my age. The age thing. She was fifteen, fourteen. After a while, that gets to a person.”

“The fact that he felt he needed to say that, that means something struck [a chord],” she added.

In 2005, Jay Z re-signed Foxy to Def Jam records while he was president, and has appeared on two of her solo albums.

Watch the interview below:

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