Summer Jam, an annual Hip Hop festival hosted by New York City’s HOT 97, has proven to be the go-to event for onstage reunions and surprise performances. At this year’s festival, it was rumored that noted female emcees Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown would reunite during fellow rapper Fabolous’ performance, but according to Foxy those rumors were “not true.”

The Brooklyn lyricist recently shared her side of the story during an appearance on MTV’s Rap Fix Live. According to Foxy, Fabolous did suggest that Lil’ Kim join them onstage, but she later revealed that such a performance would only work if it was “real.” Foxy also spoke in-depth on her feud with Lil’ Kim and referred to Kim’s actions, specifically her comments about her deafness, as “malicious intent.”

“It’s a touchy situation because I have a lot of respect for Fab,” Foxy revealed. “My brother and Fab are like brothers. And we’re all from Brooklyn. So, I don’t want to really go there, but let’s just say that it wasn’t orchestrated properly and when you have something of that magnitude. I understand. I have a brand. I’m an intelligent girl. I understand the epicness of those two huge—the biggest female rappers in the game, to change the game, come together and touch mics. It’s phenomenal. But somewhere along the way some part of that has to feel real. It has to be real.”

Foxy also had much to say in regards to the media’s handling of the Lil’ Kim rumor. It was initially reported that Foxy was late and subsequently ruined any chance of a reunion, but she revealed that she was in fact on time and even left directly from Fabolous’ home with the rapper’s girlfriend, Emily Bustamante.

“The story that you guys have, what’s been alleged, is not true,” she explained. “It’s scary. It’s so scary I never thought I would miss the days of Paula Froelich and Wendy Williams. I never thought I would ever say I would miss those days, no really. But at least there was an ounce of validity to their reporting back then. You know what I mean? Even if it was salacious or scandalous there was some kind of validity. Now it’s just totally erroneous and buffoonish rumors that are just like where do these people get this stuff?”

Video of Foxy Brown’s interview with Sway can be found below.

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