The saga about Detroit and who’s from where may finally be over as Big Sean and Danny Brown have talked out their differences and are of like mind.

Taking to Twitter today, Sean replied to someone who thought the two were “dividing Detroit” and said he has spoken to Brown “like men” and the situation was “all squared away.” He also mentioned “the city needs to stick together” and “they both agreed.”

The whole “Detroit beef” began in an interview between Danny Brown and The Fader. Brown said that many people from or who live in Detroit don’t consider Big Sean from the area. He also said Sean “Probably was real spoiled or sheltered” as a child.



The G.O.O.D. Music artist replied only days after in an interview with Hip Hop Nation saying, “Fuck whoever talking about Big Sean and don’t know nothing about Detroit or the streets of Detroit,” he proclaimed when unprompted during the interview. “I be in there. Matter of fact, not only do I be there and be in the hood, I be helping the hood and giving back to the hood.”

See Big Sean’s tweet on the matter below. Danny Brown retweeted the tweet as well.

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