Most rappers claim to never have ghostwriters. Nicki Minaj has joined that list, claiming she has never had one.

Recently, a TMZ photographer-reporter asked Minaj whether or not she’s had a ghostwriter. “What?” she said. “I rap better than him. Who the fuck is he, crazy?”

She continued, “Yo, I’m not even a man and niggas got my dick in their mouth. Are you serious? I’m undisputed because I’m the only female rapper, that, day one, I don’t need no motherfucking ghostwriter. So if you tellin’ that lie, you must be real fucking desperate and you still ain’t gunna pop. How ’bout that?”

The subject came up after Ransom, who has collaborated with Nicki Minaj, released the song “Man Alone,” which makes reference to him ghostwriting for her. The lines in question are, “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her just hoping she made it big.”

There have been numerous claims of rappers writing for other rappers. In 2012, Jay Electronica said Nas “never has or never will need a ghostwriter” after there were claims that he and of dead prez ghostwrote significant portions of Nas’ Untitled album. In 2011, Future claimed that he wrote YC’s song “Racks on Racks.”

Watch the video of Nicki Minaj speaking on Ransom ghostwriting for her below (via TMZ):

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