Whenever Obie Trice is interviewed, Eminem inevitably enters the conversation.

Recently speaking with Vlad TV, Obie seemed unaware that Em supposedly turned down movie roles in order to bring jobs to Detroit but understands what he was trying to do.

“I guess he was trying to bring job opportunities to Detroit but a lot of those movie companies bring they own crew from L.A. anyway,” Obie said. “I’m sure there’s people that work on set that’s Detroit natives but I don’t think it was as lucrative as they thought it would be by doing that tax reduction thing.”

Later in the conversation, the Detroit native stated that he believes Detroit can go down from here and things are going to take a downturn before an upswing happens. He also isn’t surprised that Detroit has gone bankrupt.

“I think it’s going to get worse before it improves,” he said. “I hate to say that… We just got a lot of things in the city that needs to be fixed, man.”

Watch the full Obie Trice interview with Vlad TV below:

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