A woman claims King Louie, real name Louis Johnson, set her up after footage was released of an altercation at his home. The accuser, Jazmine Berry, has alleged that King L set up a fight between her and another woman, Jospehine Conley, so that he could record it with the purpose of promoting his work as a musician online. 

According to Berry, who filed the lawsuit in Illinois’ Cook County Court, King Louie invited her to his home in June, where she met Conley. Conley and Louie accused her of stealing a pair of sunglasses before Conley beat her, pulled her hair and threw her on the ground, according the suit. Berry also alleges that this scuffle was planned and filmed by King Louie, referenced in the documents as defendant Johnson, and later released in order to promote himself as a rapper. 

“On information and belief, defendant Johnson intended to video record the battery to promote himself as a [Rap] artist and for economic gain,” the suit claims, according to Courthouse News. “Defendant Conley proceeded up the stairs to the area where all parties were standing. Ms. Berry did not know defendant Conley…Defendant Johnson and another individual began filming Ms. Berry as defendant Conley made her way up the stairs.” 

The suit goes on to claim that two other men in the clip were seen and/or heard laughing while Berry was beaten.  

“Ms. Berry pleaded with defendant Johnson, asking him why he was doing this to her. Defendant Johnson continued filming the attack and continued laughing,” the suit states. “Defendant Johnson and an unidentified individual filmed the entirety of defendant Conley’s attack from two separate recording devices.”

The video, which can be seen below, was publicized by King Louie, who recently released his new mixtape, “Jeep Music.”  

Conley and Louie are both being sued by Berry, who claims Louie hired Conley for this fight. Epic Records, Louie’s label, was not named in the suit, which asks for more than $1 million in damages. 

Louie earned great noteriety when he was featured on Kanye West’s Yeezus. Louie appeared on West’s “Send It Up.” His latest solo work appears on “Jeep Music,” which was released earlier this week. 

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