On July 9, Compton, California’s Guerilla Black pleaded guilty to a series of charges dealing with fraud and theft. The rapper, mainly known for his Beenie Man-assisted hit, 2004’s “Compton,” was reportedly facing charges of aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, bank fraud and federal conspiracy as well as unauthorized access to a protected computer to facilitate fraud.

While the total amount has not been officially noted, it has been reported that Black had access to over $150,000 of stolen money through a credit card fraud scheme. Black allegedly purchased credit card numbers from hackers in Seattle, Washington. 

Others involved in the scheme have been sentenced. David Schrooten, a hacker, received 12 years of jail time for his role and Christopher Schroebel received 7 years. 

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Black could also face years of incarceration. According to Shoreline.Patch, the charges he’s facing carry up to 2, 5, 15 and/or 30 years of prison time for the various charges. The charges could also lead to financial penalties of $250,000 and/or $1 million. Black will be sentenced on October 10. 

When Guerilla Black’s “Compton” hit reached outlets, he was critiqued and applauded by detractors and fans alike for a style and voice that looked and sounded similar to Notorious B.I.G.’s. His debut album, Guerilla City, featured Nate Dogg, Mario Winans and Jazze Pha. “Compton” can be seen and heard below.

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