Alley Boy released his War Cry mixtape June 3 and in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the Atlanta rapper says he is about to release another mixtape, this one with Zaytoven

The Duct Tape Entertainment rapper says that he’s releasing the new project so soon after War Cry in order to surprise people. “I know people don’t think I’m going to drop again that quick,” he says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “So I’m just gonna drop again. I’m finna throw out like 11 songs, 11 bangers right quick and throw it there just to keep it hot, keep the Internet going.”

Alley Boy says that he moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta, in part, to keep going, too. He has been arrested several times, including earlier this year.

Alley Boy also filmed himself beating up Yung L.A. in 2011 and called out fellow ATL rappers Young Jeezy and T.I. last year. 

Alley Boy says to HipHopDX that he finds it easier to stay out of trouble and focused on his music in Los Angeles. “I [don’t do anything] but stay in the studio and just work, keep shooting videos,” he says. “I’m out of Atlanta now. I get in trouble in Atlanta, so I was smart enough to leave. I feel like a lot of times, I usually have a lot of legal issues during the time I’ve been signed, like crazy shit. It used to stop my momentum. I get going, but the legal shit would kick in always. I used to have to fall back, can’t promo somewhere. It just used to be some shit, so now I’m going.”

Alley Boy has also used his newfound time to collaborate with Meek Mill, among others. He and the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper collaborated on War Cry mixtape cut “Stackin Up.” Alley Boy says he was impressed by Meek Mill’s rhyme abilities and his vibe.

“I freestyle a lot now, but he really freestyle,” Alley Boys says. “Freestyling in the booth [is] different from just going [in on] bars. Bars, you know that’s hard. It’s cool, but it’s hard for me. I don’t like to it. If I’m drunk and high and a beat hard enough, I’ll go crazy on some drunk shit and it will sound good…I learned to write out in my head, so it really be like bar for bar. You got a good engineer, he could just punch you in, and Meek work like that. It’s dope as fuck, ’cause I’ll watch and be like, ‘I fuck with Meek.'”

Even though Alley Boy and Meek Mill had yet to meet before they agreed to record a song together, Alley Boy says he was soon impressed by the MMG artist. “He called me when he was out here,” Alley Boy says. “I hit him about the record and was like, ‘Let’s get it.’ He hit me as soon as he got out here, the day he got out here, like ‘Come to the studio.’ So he [came] down here and we really chopped it up. We looked each other eye to eye, and talked on some regular shit and kicked it all night, and I’m a fan. That really made me, like ‘Aight, I fuck wit’ bro’ ‘cuz I just went on it.’ That made me pay more attention, and I listen different now, so it ain’t all about, ‘He’s Meek with a hot song.’ I can listen to anything now, and [be like], ‘OK, that’s just shawty kicking shit. It dope.’ The record came out dope as fuck. He freestyled that bitch, just went in there and knocked that bitch out.”

Additional Reporting By Justin Hunte

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