With a name like Action Bronson, it is perhaps no surprise that the Queens, NY rapper was a big fan of action movies growing up.

In an interview on the Combat Jack show, “Yeah, [Charles] Bronson was definitely my grandfather’s favorite actor,” said Bronson. “Growing up we would watch all the VHS’ all the…we had mad fuckin’, mad tapes. All the Seagal movies, all the Van Damn movies, like all the Michael Keaton joints. Just every movie.”

But while Bronson took his name from the The Magnificent Seven actor, the rapper identified another actor as his favorite action hero. “I would have to say Seagal is my favorite, just because he was ridiculous. He had the slick back hair, he’s like a fuckin’ pretty boy gangster, always with the dragons on the jacket… He did a lot of wild damage.”

Bronson revealed that, in fact, he hoped to get Seagal for a music video. “I tried to get him in a video, his fuckin’…his fee is between two-hundred-and-three-hundred thousand for an appearance.”

“No not even a video, just for like a appearance, to look at him,” he added. “…I googled it [laughs].”

Watch the interview below:

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