Madlib has put out dozens of records, but one of the Stones Throw Records artist’s most cherished projects was Madvillainy, the 2004 collaborative album released with MF DOOM.

In an interview with, Madlib explained that it was up to his reclusive emceeing counterpart to get a sequel to the project released. “I handed all the beats to Doom years ago, but ever since he’s been in Europe, he’s been hard to get a hold of.”

“I feel it probably won’t happen,” admitted Madlib, “but you never know. I can’t sit and wait on that. I did my part.”

Madlib spoked about collaborations that were coming to fruition, chiefly among them Cocaine Pinata as MadGibbs, a project with Freddie Gibbs. “It’s done. It sounds good. Gibbs killed his parts. So did Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown on the guest verses.”

“It’s hard to really explain in words. I look at him as a new version of Tupac,” said Madlib of Gibbs. “He does musically a lot of the stuff that I try to do as a producer. He’s capable of doing everything, but he’s interested in being original and not sounding like all the other stuff on the radio.”

The deejay/rapper/producer also spoke on his Zambian-Rock-inspired collaborative effort with Mos Def. “We’ve been working on it for a long time. I’ve got a lot of unreleased tracks with him, and when he comes to L.A., we link up,” he revealed. “I showed him all the Zambian stuff from the group Witch that [Now-Again Records’ Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt] released on Now-Again. Mos loved it. I have another album, too, full of all Indian Bollywood sampling stuff that I did with Mos. We’ll hopefully put out an album of that later.”

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