Memphis, Tennessee rap ensemble Three 6 Mafia may have come across as quite the passionate group at the start of their rap career, but according to Project Pat, the group was very much about their business. During an interview this week with Columbus’ Power 107.5, the rapper commented on the Academy Award-winning group as well as Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J, who he says was an artist who was “all business” and helped create Hypnotized Minds.

Project Pat further addressed the business mindset of the group and revealed that despite what fans may have thought, the members of Three 6 Mafia were only friends when business was concerned.

“Well see, what people don’t understand is Juicy J was the brain behind the whole Hypnotized Minds. He was the brain. Juicy was always the one getting everybody up out of bed. Juicy was always the one telling me stay focused, don’t get into—Juicy’s business, he’s not personal. All business,” Pat revealed. “And a lot of people they like, ‘What about Three 6 Mafia?’ I mean, you know, we just work with them. I mean, that’s all that was, just work. People wanted us to be friends. We was friends, you know, as part of the business. But after the business is over—if I see somebody, ‘what’s up,’ but that’s it.”

The Three 6 Mafia co-founder later stressed the importance of money as a determining factor in what eventually led to his pursuit of a rap career.

“I got into the rap cause of the money…I’m trying to get that bag. Nothing else. Ain’t nobody talking about nothing else. It’s what motivates you. Everybody ain’t the same,” Project Pat explained. “You can’t stand on my head because I don’t have a quote-on-quote passion for the art of the rap music. I never said I didn’t have no passion for it, but the money is the motivator.”

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