The issue of homophobia in Hip Hop has become an increasing topic of conservation in the genre, with rap veterans like T.I. and newcomers including Kendrick Lamar expressing their thoughts on the controversial topic.

Seattle emcee Macklemore has become quite well-known for his support of equal rights marriage and recently discussed his passion for the issue as well as the use of homophobia in Hip Hop during an interview with

“I think that if other artists are compelled to and they feel inspired that they want to speak on an issue then go ahead and do that,” said the “Can’t Hold Us” rapper. “There’s so many issues as an artist that you could take on. There’s so many things that I believe in…I felt personally invested in this issue. I saw forever homophobia used within Hip Hop and used in a way that was getting props…And everyone was cool with that. And to me that was wack. It was something that I wanted to be accountable for myself, hold my community accountable for, and just be real about it. And I think a lot has changed in the last year.”

Another artist, Minneapolis-based singer/rapper Dessa, also recently offered up her thoughts on homophobia in Hip Hop and the treatment of women in rap music.

“I’m one of a whole host of artists, female, male, black, and white, who have some serious qualms with the way gay people and women are portrayed in Hip Hop music. If someone asks I’ll answer honestly. I think we got a lousy track record with the way that we talk about gay people in Hip Hop,” The Doomtree rapstress explained. “And I think we’re talking more and improving our game on women, but we’ve got a long way to go.”

Both interviews can be viewed below.

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