New York-based emcee Chris Rivers f/k/a Baby Pun has just released a mixtape. The 19-year-old emcee is in fact the son of platinum-selling rapper Big Pun.

His mixtape, Wonderland Of Misery, includes contributions from the likes of Styles P and Vinnie Paz. Additionally, the project includes production by Diggin’ In The Crates member Buckwild.

“I’m going to be honest. I’m shooting for 25 to 50 thousand in the next few weeks. I’m trying to bring the Bx back, trying to bring New York back, and trying to bring Hip Hop back.” Rivers said on his Facebook music page. “So tell the planet, tell an animal, to download it. Speak to a tree, I don’t care, let’s just be the movement and see how far we can take this. Dragons up! Wonderland Of Misery on Let the world know.”

The tracklist and mixtape stream are below:

  1. “Wonderland Of Misery Skit” Train Lady Voice Stephine Surace
  2. “Wonderland Of Misery” featuring Whispers (Prod. Khardier Da God & Duff The Inventa)
  3. “Lyrical Catastrophy”
  4. “Enjoy The Atmosphere” featuring Styles P
  5. “Bitter Sweet” (Prod. J-Hoff)
  6. “Innocence” (Prod. Khardier Da God)
  7. “He Ain’t No Good” (Prod. Excel Musik)
  8. “32 Shotz” featuring Whispers
  9. “Here We Go” (Prod. Khardier Da God)
  10. “R.T.D.” (Ready To Die Remix) featuring Styles P, Whispers & Mr. Ivory Snow
  11. “That Ratchet Shit” (Prod. Buckwild)
  12. “ I Got You” (Prod. Khardier Da God)
  13. “Love Em’ All Skit” Whispers and Chris Rivers
  14. “Love Em’ All” featuring Whispers (chorus)
  15. “War Room” featuring Styles P & Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks (Prod. Brolic Beatz)
  16. “Reason 2 Hate” featuring Whispers and Draf (Prod. Khardier Da God)
  17. “Train Robbery Skit” Whispers & Chris Rivers
  18. “Gangsta” (Prod. Maximus )
  19. “Let One Off” featuring Whispers (Prod. Khardier Da God)
  20. “Show Me Love”
  21. “I Can’t See It” featuring Whispers (chorus) (Prod. Soul Child Music)
  22. “No Apologies Skit” Whispers & Chris Rivers (Prod. Soul Child Music)
  23. “Something Missing”
  24. “Dragon Born”
  25. “I’m Me Skit” Chris Rivers & Scorp
  26. “I’m Me” (Prod. KTO Productions)

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