The ongoing Naughty By Nature feud began with a punch, according to Treach. In a recent interview, he shared that Vin Rock “sucker-punched” him in a meeting years ago but that he did not retaliate. Instead, Treach explained, the two have not spoken since the punch was thrown. 

“Once hands was put on somebody in a meeting and you’re talking business, that’s sucker-punching. That don’t go,” Treach explained, talking about the punch. “I ain’t speak to the homie since.” 

“Its business,” he continued. “Grown man business. We on some different stuff now. Now, once you decide you want to get physical, now I’ma to show you my power on a different level and still keep the goons off you so I hope you don’t want to make another record and make it hard for some ghostwriter.”

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In the interview, Kay Gee said he is riding with Treach but later said that he is not choosing sides. He went on to explain his position further. 

“I don’t agree with it. I think its cool to clear the air, get it over with and just stop it,” he clarified. “I think what’s going on now is that we got the shows and I just want to clarify and let everybody know that the shows that is on the table is gonna happen.”

Treach also explained that he and Vin have not spoken to one another in two years. He also shared that Vin “ran away” after the sucker-punch and that “someone saved him at the time.” “I’m glad they did,” he added. The interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club can be found below. 

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