Between calling out Naughty By Nature partner Vin Rock yesterday and speaking in-depth about his reasons in an interview published today, Treach released a diss record. Called “Tall Midget,” the song finds the East Orange, New Jersey veteran emcee/actor comparing his 24-plus-year partner to Barney, Winnie The Pooh and a leech.

Whether joking or perhaps serious, Treach also claimed that he would give Vin’s open spot in N.B.N. to Flipmode Squad emcee and longtime Busta Rhymes hype-man Spliff Star. “My back-up plan is a fuck a back-up man. Need to call my nigga Busta, buy Spliff Star out his contract.” Another series of bars, Treach chides, “You out of my army / Can’t harm me / Or alarm me / Fuck ya, fat ass / You’re a bagel away from Barney / You wack rapper / Backstabber / So greedy / I’ll make it so they never see ya wack-ass on TV / Eat me.”

Vin Rock has yet to speak publicly since tweeting yesterday, from Naughty By Nature’s official account, that you “can’t fire an owner.” This was a response to Treach tweeting that Vin was “fired” from the Grammy Award-winning trio.



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