Former Warner Bros. Records sensation Lil Scrappy has been in trouble as of late. The onetime Lil Jone protege and current “Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta” reality star is reportedly suffering from wage garnishment, after failing to satisfy a debt he owed to a 2010 booking agency.

Now, the former G-Unit South artist is in addition trouble, and reportedly in police custody as of this morning. TMZ reports that Scrappy turned himself into Atlanta, Georgia police, after refusing to take a court-ordered urine drug test last month. Initial reports stated that Scrappy tried to provide urine that was deemed “questionable” by the drug test staff. The longtime DTP affiliate refused additional testing, allegedly vacating the premises.

The mandatory drug tests stem from a 2008 marijuana possession conviction. Last October, he was arrested and imprisoned for violating his probation.

It is unclear when the rapper will be released from authorities.

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