Yukmouth is no stranger to beef. From his verbal exchange with Game to his feud with Master P back in 1995 the Bay Area emcee definitely speaks his mind.

This week, the Luniz co-founder called out fellow rapper Plies on his diss record/video “Charles Bronson” and echoed the sentiment others have had in the past claiming Plies is not the thug he claims to be.

Shortly after shots were fired, Hip Hop Vibe talked to Yukmouth about the feud and expanded on why he believes Plies is fake.

“This is what I live this is me all day everyday,” Yukmouth said. “Plies got to put the shit on that’s why I said he got to put the mask on son ’cause you wack. A real nigga don’t got to prove that he something, he trying to prove it.”

Yuk claims that the origin of the beef comes from Plies “taking his name.”

“I ain’t going to just shit on a nigga like that like, I had a problem with what he was doing ’cause there’s a lot of niggas that’s fake,” Yuk said. “I can go on the whole fucking industry so let him be fake but don’t take my motherfucking name, that’s where we got a problem at, period.”

Listen to the full interview below (via Hip Hop Vibe):


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