Erykah Badu took to Twitter a few days ago to blast Papoose for using her voice without her official permission–or anything else.

As reported by, “This Papoose song Cure,” she said. “I sang those vocals 10 years ago. That’s 2 babies ago. Sheeeit. So mcs just throwing out old material- no paperwork..”

Papoose’s continuously delayed upcoming album The Nacimera Dream apparently contains unauthorized vocals from the Neo-soul artist on the song “The Cure.” After hearing the song that was released to the public five days ago Erykah Badu claimed that said vocals are a decade old. No official statement has been made by Badu’s camp.

This isn’t the first time Erykah Badu has called out an artist for something she didn’t like. Last June, Badu took aim at The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne for distorting something she was with. Badu blasted the group’s front man and video director Wayne Coyne over what she called a “tasteless, meaningless, shock motivated video.”

View Badu’s tweets on the Papoose matter below:

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