According to Madd Illz, Grind Time Now (GTN) has quite a lot in store for the coming months with the next big event taking place in Orlando next month. In a video announcement made on Thursday, March 21st, the GTN founder revealed the details of the upcoming, free event taking place in Orlando this April.

“April 14th is our next Grind Time Now event in Orlando, Florida. This is gonna be a free event,” said Madd Illz. “10,000 people are coming out. We teamed up with Dunkxchange and V2 Lab, Downtown Orlando. We’ll have Conceited vs. Jonny Storm. We’re gonna have PH coming down from New York to battle True Logic…If you want to come out it’s gonna be off of Orange Avenue.”

On top of their Orlando event, GTN will also travel to various cities throughout the country to hold tryouts for battles. Interested participants can also send in their tryout videos via email.

“We are going to head out in May. May through June, we’re going to visit every major city in the United States and hold tryouts,” Madd Illz revealed. “So if you want to tryout make sure you send us an e-mail at [We’ll] respond back to you. If you have any footage you want to send us make sure you send that with a link as well and we’ll get you into tryouts.”

(March 23)

UPDATE: Mad Illz has now revealed by vlog that the main battle will be Conceited vs. Jonny Storm, on the main stage in front of 10,000 expected attends. There will also be a battle by True Logic vs. Pumpkinhead, and Scotty Maseratti vs. ZEM. Mosh Joe will be battling James Roy, Prime will take on Acidic, and Kamo vs. Basic. Additionally, there be a Pay-Pay-View stream available on Grind Time Now’s website the day after the event. The $10 link will be made available for 24 hours. One lucky purchaser will be picked as a winner for an all-expenses-paid trip to the Miami Pro Am in May.

The Orlando weekend festivities by Grind Time Now will produce a break-dance battle, open to the public, a skateboarding/street course, and a presentation from Dunk Exchange.

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